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    The Company establishes standardized and clear corporate governance structure and forms scientific and effective assignment of responsibilities and balance mechanism meeting requirements of Company Law, Securities Law, Code of Corporate Governance for Listed Companies in China, Rules Governing the Listing of Stocks on Shanghai Stock Exchange, etc., and supervision requirements of China Securities Regulatory Committee, Shanghai Stock Exchange, etc. The shareholders meeting enjoys all rights specified by aws, regulations and Articles of Association, exerts decision-making rights to guideline for management, financing, investment, profit-sharing and other significant matters of the Company legally; Board of Directors is responsible for the shareholders meeting, and enjoys implementation rights to resolutions of the shareholders meeting and operating decision rights specified; Board of Supervisors shall be responsible for the shareholders meeting and inspect and supervise implementation, etc. of corporate financial staff, nternal control personnel and senior managers; and management layer is responsible for organizing and implementing resolutions of the shareholders meeting and Board of irectors and being in charge of daily operation and management of the Company. The actual governance of the Company shall comply with requirements in the Company Law and relevant regulations of CSRC.
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