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    Asia's First Deepwater Jacket Haiji-2 Completed


    On March 12, the construction of Asia's first deepwater jacket, Haiji-2, EPCI contracted by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., was completed in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, which breaks multiple Asian records in terms of structure height, weight, operating depth and construction speed.

    With a total height of 338.5 meters, Haiji-2 jacket will operate at an average depth of 324 meters and weighs 37,000 tons. It utilizes a newly-developed 420-megapascal ultra-high-strength steel plate that is considered an innovative and cost-effective lightweight design for large-scale ocean platforms, thus reducing the weight of Haiji-2 jacket by 5,000 tons.

    After overcoming a series of challenges, China is presently capable of independently developing deepwater jacket up to a depth of 300 meters, and has completed the construction of Haiji-2 in only 26 months, with the accuracy of key dimensions controlled within 5 mm, creating a new record for the construction speed and accuracy of deepwater ultra-large jacket platform in Asia. According to the innovative construction plan of "intelligent jacket", Haiji-2 has become the first digital jacket in Asia integrated with impressed current cathodic protection system, digital twin system, marine environment detection system, and seabed-based environment monitoring system, greatly improving China's digital operation and maintenance of deepwater jacket platform.

    Haiji-2 is planned to be installed soon to facilitate the development of Liuhua 11-1 and Liuhua 4-1 oil fields, China's first deepwater oilfield in the Pearl River Mouth Basin.