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    Asia’s First Deepwater Jacket Haiji-2 Installed


    On March 26, Asia’s first deepwater jacket, Haiji-2, built by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC) as the general contractor, was launched through sliding and accurately installed in the Pearl River Estuary Basin area. With the largest operating depth, height, and weight in Asia, it marked that China’s complete set of key technologies and installation capacities for ultra-large deepwater jackets reached the world’s first-class level.

    With a height of 338.5 m, and a weight of 37,000 tons, Haiji-2 is Asia’s largest and heaviest jacket. It was installed through sliding in the Liuhua oil field, around 240 km southeast of Shenzhen. With an application depth of around 324 m, it is China’s first fixed jacket installed below a depth of more than 300 m in an area of sea where there are recurring typhoons and strong winds as well as external and internal waves, thus posing great technical difficulties in installation and extremely high risks to operations.

    By marshalling the Hai Yang Shi You 229, the largest offshore engineering barge in Asia and the Blue Whale 7500, the largest lifting vessel in China’s offshore oil and gas engineering industry, and exploiting an advanced positioning system and a high-precision fixation system, COOEC launched the Haiji-2 to a depth of 324 m below the sea surface and made it fixated in place. The installation achieved top-notch accuracy in the world.

    In recent years, China has launched nearly 50 large jackets through sliding, with a total weight of 750,000 tons. This has led to the largest scale of construction projects, the largest maximum weight, and the largest total weight in the world. Massive facilities such as the Hai Yang Shi You 229 have been established. A set of installation technologies for design and calculation, simulation, shipping and transportation, jacket launch through sliding, as well as high-precision positioning and fixation have also been developed.