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    「Deep Sea No. 1」 Integrated Platform Offshore Installed


    On February 28, the integrated processing platform for 「Deep Sea No.1」 Phase II project, EPCI general contracted by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 「COOEC」), was fully completed offshore installation.

    The integrated processing platform consists of lower jacket and upper production facility, totaling approximately 136 meters at full height and more than 14,000 tons in full weight. To complete lifting operations of the upper production facility with weight exceeding 7,500 tons, COOEC deployed 「Blue Whale 7500」, the largest crane vessel in China's offshore oil and gas engineering industry, and took multiple measures such as velocity monitoring and early warning and precise guidance and positioning to ensure the positioning accuracy reach millimeter level.

    The integrated processing platform is a key facility for receiving and processing deepwater oil and gas. Together with the Yacheng gas field production platform, it will become a hub for offshore natural gas processing and transmission in the waters of South China Sea, further enhancing China's offshore natural gas production capacity.

    The 「Deep Sea No.1」 ultra-deepwater gas field project commenced in June 2021, with geological reserves of natural gas exceeding one hundred billion cubic meters, it stands as the deepest offshore ultra-deepwater gas field independently developed by China to date, with the highest exploration and development difficulty. Upon completion of the project’s Phase II, the reserve of the 「Deep Sea No.1」 ultra-deepwater gas field will be increased from 100 billion cubic meters to 150 billion cubic meters while its annual output could increase from 3 billion cubic meters to 4.5 billion cubic meters.