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    Special Equipment

    Products and Services


          Full lifecycle services for high-end oil/gas processing equipment, intelligent products, and green energy equipment in various fields of offshore and onshore oil/gas production and midstream and downstream sectors;

          Design, manufacturing, after-sale commissioning and maintenance of natural gas compressor units/skids;

          Design, integration, testing, and comprehensive after-sale services for central control system, EMS, comprehensive management system, E-HOUSE, compressor control system, intelligent power distribution system for digital intelligent products.

    Qualifications and capabilities:

          Design of pressure vessels and piping in accordance with applicable directives;

          Manufacturing of A2 and ASME pressure vessels;

          ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015/ ISO 45001:2018 quality, health, safety, and environmental management certifications.

    Products: subsea products, compressor skids, high-end oil/gas/water treatment equipment, intelligent electrical and instrumentation devices




    Commissioning and Measuring Services


          Commissioning of large floating units;

          Commissioning of subsea production and control systems operating in deep waters;

          Commissioning of large LNG modules.

    Qualifications and capabilities:

          Certificate for examination of measurement standard;

          China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) approved qualification;

          Talent team: 30 senior commissioning engineers; 2 level I certified metrology engineers; 13 level II certified metrology engineers.


          Our outstanding performance is highly recognized by customers in the commissioning of more than ten large domestic and oversea projects, including offshore oil platforms, FPSO units, drilling vessels, LNG modules, semi-submersible platforms, especially in Petrobras FPSO project, Yamal LNG project, 「Shenhai-1」 energy station, Penguins cylindrical FPSO project, and Canada LNG project.

          Since its establishment, the Measurement Center has offered instrument calibration services for more than 100 projects, such as PYRENEES FPSO project, GORGON project, Yamal LNG project, Penglai 19-3 oilfield, Indonesia SES project, nickel mine projects, Petrobras P67/70 project, 「Shenhai-1」 energy station, and Canada LNG project.

          The Measurement Center has two weight control systems (WS30000 and WS8000) with a total weighing capacity of 30,000 tons. It has offered weight control services for more than 100 projects and has been highly recognized by the owners of Wenchang 92/93, Dongfang 12-3 and Lufeng 14-4 projects in the last three years for its outstanding weight transfer services.




    Inspection/testing Services


          Inspection/testing services including non-destructive testing (NDT), surveys, and physical and chemical testing;

          Quality control of purchased products, supplier/vendor evaluation and review, assessment and addressing of inspection/testing risks, management and certification of technology systems, and other technical services.

    Qualifications and capabilities:

          Certificate of laboratory approval issued by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS);

          Certificate of approval for offshore facility inspection agency issued by CCS;

          CSA W178.1 certificate of laboratory approval;

          Radiation safety permits (Tanggu, Qingdao, and Zhuhai);

          498 sets of AUT, PAUT and CR equipment, total stations, laser trackers, side-scan sonars, and mechanical testing equipment.

    Inspection projects:

    Since 2000, our inspection services have been provided for more than 100 projects covering fixed offshore oil platforms, single-point mooring systems, FPSO topsides, drilling vessels, submarine pipelines, crude oil tanks, modules of LNG and refining plants.